I’m undoubtedly stronger and more flexible because of his efforts and i feel healthier and more energised as a consequence. His easy going and friendly manner creates a great atmosphere in which to train; each workout is challenging and he places a high value on correct form with each exercise. I think i’d even be willing to give up food before i would give up my workouts with him!! 

Heather Smith, IBM Client Executive


The variety in his programs, and most of them are killers, makes training exciting! I’ve been a physiotherapist for 20 years and his ability to spot poor technique and correct it, makes his training sessions extremely safe. Personal training is so much more than getting the trainer to exercise the bits you want to; tell Lukas your goals, any limitations you may have, and leave the rest to him. I trust Lukas’ professionalism implicitly and I’ve been more than happy with the results. I haven’t achieved all my goals yet, but i wouldn’t trust anyone else to look after me now.

Darren Higgins 43, Physiotherapist


I’ve trained with Lukas for several years.  I’d exercised regularly for ten years before coming to Lukas to explore new ways to improve my overall fitness.  Within a few sessions, Lukas changed the way I approached my training, developing an entirely new training regime that has revolutionised the way I work out and my outlook on fitness.

Max Jennings, 34


I’m halfway to my target weight after only 4 weeks, dropping around ten kilos in that time. My range of movement has improved dramatically and i am really enjoying training, which makes a change from pounding a treadmill.

James Muse 30, Lawyer


Working smarter not harder pays off and Lukas knows his stuff. Not only that, it’s enjoyable and motivates me as I know I am going about training the right way when i am by myself.

Luisa Walker, 32


Having spent years using resistance machines it was incredibly refreshing to start using different techniques ranging from kettle bells, resistance bands, wall mounted straps, boxing and my own body weight. In addition to the training routine he also provides a thorough routine in increasing my flexibility and overall mobility which at my age is becoming increasingly important.

David Currie, 51