Lower back pain/Bolesti zad

There has been a lot of complaints about back pain around me lately.

Let's put it straight: you are not dying if your back hurts. Besides psychosomatic representations of pain in this region there is only other cause which is mechanical disruption of the movement system.

Note that I call body the movement system. It is a system and as such it is comprised of many little key aspects which needs to be held in balance to reduce or prevent back pain. 

It has been described that 80% of population will experience the back pain eventually. To prevent or reduce the pain we can:
•    Reduce activity but  carry on in some form of lighter  activity which will help to  reinforce the balance of the system( e.g.walking backwards-read article below)
•    Strengthen the core muscles of the system(Train the inter muscular coordination=train movement)
•    Bet on anti-inflammatory nutrition and keep your weight healthy
•    Keep hydrated an ensure proper nutrition of the joints and tendons
full article : http://www.theissnscoop.com/what-a-pain-in-the-back/