We are in this together!

When I crawled out of university with big coach ego and full of ideas it wast just one of the most amazing year in my sport career and life.  I had aspirations to  bring my potentional trainees to the gold medals in Olympic games and I truly despised whole fitness industry. 

Now I am here nearly 10 years later making people jump over the bench. Different world then I imagined. Or is it really that different?

What is the story of the guy on the picture? He is not professional athlete. He has no aspiration to become world champion. He has demanding job, mortgage, wife and kids. He chose different path early in life and thanks to him and many other alike we can now log into our bank account. He is 47 and he can jump over the park bench!  

It might seem silly but bringing people to this type of achievements has become most appreciated part of my job. I didn't give up my dreams of bringing home gold medals from Olympics. I merely adjusted them. My desire now is to  bring people and athletes step further to whatever it might be in sport and exercise.  

People often focus too firmly on their main objective: "I want to loose 5 kg by the end summer or I am going to squat the double of my bodyweight in three months. What happens when we fail to do that? Scenario is usually the same. Anger, self pity and finally withdraw from whatever we might be failing in. Is that necessary?

Of course it isn't. We all putting those tests in front of us and then we accept only one attempt to  perform well?! That's insane. Fail is our teacher and when we open our mind and accept the fail as a part of the learning process we expanded our mind.  

I believe the fitness trainers do exactly this. They really bring non athletic people to their best by taking them through their imaginary or real fails and keep them motivated to carry on. Wether it is to squat double of bodyweight or walk to the grocery without pain we trainers are with you and adjust our pace according you. We are patient and we are praising you not for your achievements but for your efforts.   

And please don't be biased or scared by our promotional and networking strategies.  When we are posting through social media our personal best lifts, new moves we have learned or meal we have chosen to cook instead of ordering take away, we are not judging you or trying to scare you. We only showing the part of our own journey and our own struggles in making a little improvements. We are only the guides who are showing you the summit. And trust me we also have our personal guides who lead us to the peak.

Remember that something what seems to be summit can be soon only the part of your journey?Think about everything you struggle with : I can't do it yet, I am not there yet. Feel the word YET. It brings the promise of better future.It gives you the options and time to make a change. It helps you to improve in your own time.