Machines are the safer way of exercising

Well so this is the biggest myth i have heard lately. 

Machines can be easier to use for their predetermined trajectory however for the same reason they are ineffective in improving coordination and mobility required for safe playing a sports or engaging in daily activities like picking up your daughter , running after the bus or accidental falling. 

Exercise on the machines underestimate the importance of the stability role of the trunk during the movement.

Trunk muscles are designed to create stability for moving the limbs and it's important force transferring link between them . Its stability assist with essential movements like walking and running . Slow isolationist approaches using machines typical to bodybuilding do not offer a rich proprioceptive environment that provides variable motion, balance, force projection and direction challenges involvingthe full linkage(adapted form Stuart McGill 2016) 

For maximum benefits of exercise for health , fitness and strength stay away from machines. Rather acquire technique of compound movements in strength training and practice your body awareness using bodyweight systems such as callisthenics or dance. 

Just a note for those aesthetically minded with no interest in movement : You can train muscle with the movement but you can’t train movement with training sole muscle.