Food you buy and you should probably avoid

There is definitely a need for combination of the exercise /movement and the correct diet habits to improve your well being. That is something what all of us know and trying to aim for. When we go further into the eating habits we learn that calorie intake is not only the factor which we should check when we trying to eat healthy. Not all calories are apparently same ( the selection of your nutrients is beside the amount the calories important player in keeping good health. 

We all are aware of that. However when  I say we all I  mean us  consumers and producers as well. Some producers driven by profit are  putting on the shelf certain goods which bias our idea about what is healthy and what's not. Assumptions  based on popular science is easy to use for selling all kinds of seemingly healthy foods which are in fact more harmful. 

We all cannot be the nutrition specialist but we can try to do our best in selection of our food. However we like to nourish our bodies and give them the best till they serve us. Our choice is to  follow the guides and advises and based on those we are looking for the good stuff in the groceries.

Let's just take all those products  a bit more calmly and with consideration. Let's be careful and check first before we fall for fancy advert. Best way is trying your own way,experiment and be free of rigid dogmatic recommendations. Even if it is from me :-)! 
In the article bellow you find some of the seemingly healthy food  you might be buying in desire to care better about your health: