Are we setting right goals for ourselves?

In whatever you are currently training  you don’t need to become expert tomorrow. The sum of little things makes bigger changes. Pursue little goals on your way to your dream target and reward yourself from achieving those partial goals.

Do you want to lose 5 kg? What if I tell you that first step to achieve this would be to jump off the bus 2 stops before your final stop and just walk from tomorrow.  Or always sit down for a meal and stop working so your body can realize what you do and food becomes more satiating. Eat salad before every meal. Do you want to feel better or be more confident? Pick up new sport. Do you want to run faster? Substitute one run in the week for technique or sprint session. Would you like to improve your constantly sore back and neck? Get up from your desk for 5 minute every hour and stretch and walk. Are you not too sure what to do? Search, study or ask for help.

 Try to involve your own little achievable things and create the new list of behaviors which can help you to get to your main target. Make a change. Stay positive.  Be consistent.  Start today.