Lose weight for summer

With the look on the web with overwhelming amount of information about nutrition I still wonder how they can keep creating new articles , nutrients and approaches to help people in their journey to better body. I feel I can't stay behind in heaping up more of the same info. 

The same info? The science and our knowledge is evolving you might oppose. That is truth. However there aren't that huge discoveries in dieting for general population as one might think. Arguably it seems that there is more research contradicting one another. Or there are supported beliefs that recommend  us to eat food which may be proclaimed to be ruining our efforts in the future: Somebody might recall the recommendations about harmfulness of dietary fat and the verge of the population and food industry to promote margarines and low fat products. This is now recognised flawed and harmful approach according the” new since “

We can hear  everywhere: this new nutrient is the best … Tv says this cereals are good for you….pt trainer recommends to avoid simple sugars contained in cereals….doctor stresses that eggs will give you high cholesterol…website says that eggs are good source of protein.

It is really that amount of information what make the confusion and damper the success in the weight lose and balanced diet. 

First  we should accept that creating right approach to nutrition can be highly specific to each individual. The highly active person who wants to nourish body with the proper nutrition to enhance performance and  improve body composition  will have surely different needs then for example  bodybuilder or  the person who is new to activity and wants to prevent cardiovascular disease  or cure their obesity. 

Also there is number of differences within any group determined by social status, work place, preferences and other factors. Basically you  need to find  what works for you.

Most of you who decided to do something has already started working out and  adjusted nutrition according your trainer or friend. You have  also acquired  some basic recommendations from the website or other for you reliable source. Well done ! That is first step. You have reached out  for information. Now however you need to start work with that information to make it work for you as best as possible. 

Your sources are good and I believe you trust them but remember that nobody can know you as good as you do yourself. Use  your mentors as a guides to new opportunities and knowledge but be aware of getting stuck in narrow vision. If somebody tells you his way is the only that works turn around and  run( thanks for this quote Vern Gambetta). Nobody knows everything. Remember that science is where it is right now only by admitting its  ignorance. That what drives us to explore and experiment : the fact that we don't know.  There are proven methods but not necessarily suitable for all people.

So what exactly we should be doing?

 Pick the the diet and stick to it. Start training program and stick to it. Follow the lead of those usually general food  programmes  and observe how it works- again you need to stick to it. From a decent  program you can draw a completely new picture fitting exactly your needs. You just need to experiment and observe how you feel:
Does it says what food is good and what not? Does the program eliminate some types of food? Ask why. 
Ask yourself: Can I see a difference in how I feel, how I sleep, and how I perform if I follow the plan. How I feel acutely after I ingest some “prohibited” item? What food makes me bloated? What makes me sleepy? Did I wake up bloated- was it that bean soup last night- do I want to feel it again ? 

I believe you are getting my point. It  is good to believe in some system and try to follow it. It is also vital to question whether  I can improve the system  and customise it . 

Just for sake of practical outcome of this article I feel need to share some of my own believes and favourite systems so you have somewhere  to start. But remember to examine everything I say. 

So you want to loose some fat ? Look better for summer ? There are some tips:

1)    Essential part of every diet for well being  is to be aware of the nutrients which you might have trouble to digest. Common things are : diary , nuts, legumes, gluten, fructose, soy. Everybody is different and in this part is necessary to experiment the most. No need to get rid of gluten if you are not sensitive to it even though your local organic grocery makes you feel like it's the only way of healthy eating. Same thing with diary. I personally limited my lactose and diary intake and I feel very good with 7.5-10 % of bodyfat.  I have clients who feel right opposite. 

2)    Limit all processed food. You don't have to become vegan and start eat popularised raw food. Just think twice weather you rely need the smoked ham , smoked sausages  or  bacon that often. Rather look if there are better alternatives without invaluable additives and conservators. 

3)    Get to trust and squire knowledge about dietary fat -Choose the healthy fats. Those omega 3 fatty acids you hear about are really the ones which makes no harm to you. Nuts,seeds, avocados or olive oil or fish and grass fed beef to name few.

4)    Eat enough protein and choose it from good sources. You won if you are not a vegetarian: grass fed beef, wild fish  is the source for you.  If you are a vegetarian or vegan you need to look more carefully on the protein you are getting and if it's enough. 

5)    Limit the carbohydrates to vegetable and berries.  Yes I am advocate of lower carb approach to improve body composition. However as mentioned earlier this is very specific to each individual and this approach won't work for everybody or forever. I personally including enough carbohydrates to my diet to replenish energy needs.Enough doesn't mean too much. And I also mind the sources of my carbs. Simple carbs like sugar are avoided as much as my will allows. 

6)    Stay hydrated , limit beverages to water,tea and black coffee. Avoid sodas , energy drinks and other drinks  containing excessive amount of sugar like alcohol.

7)    Invent the system and make it your new habit: Know when and roughly what you eat tomorrow  so you don't have to rush out from the office and buy some junk food or rely on bad cheap restaurant which uses cheap ingredients, sauces with additives ,sugar and fake ingredients and spice . Make your own food, prepare  snacks, buy raw vegetable and fruit from grocery or save up and choose good restaurants and make healthy choices in them. 

Implementing those points might seem full of obstacles initially but it will set in place after while. Start with small changes. Set achievable goals and remember to reward you self for keeping up with the plan.